Decluttering Online: a small start.

With how things have ended up this year, there’s been more time to sit around and think about things that I normally wouldn’t have thought about since there hasn’t been as much to do the past few months. 

Things such as… why do I still have a account? Why do I subscribe to it for $3 USD a month just to change the scrobble tags since they never come out right? Why do I even waste my time doing this?

I used for a long time. It’s a good way to observe your listening habits across all (or most) platforms you would use to listen to music. I liked it because not all the artists I listen to are on streaming platforms (yet), so it was perfect to be able to see how many times I listened to all these artists.

But, is it really necessary? Especially when I was actually paying money just to change tags because they didn’t scrobble correctly? Hello? 

I got caught up in the whole STREAM STREAM STREAM thing and it really came to a head earlier this year when I realized I just didn’t care anymore to make the effort. I had templates saved for how to make playlists on Spotify and YouTube to get artists streaming numbers up. It’s not that I don’t care to stream my favorite artists, it’s that I want to stream them and have fun listening to them without worrying about the numbers and how many times I streamed X song. I realized that I was not having fun listening to music anymore. It was actually becoming stressful. Stressful to the point where I actually missed a ton of releases earlier this year because I just couldn’t be bothered with it. I deleted my account a couple months ago and it was a very freeing moment. I’m finally catching up on music releases and most importantly, I’m having fun!

Another thing I realized was how many subscription services I was actually subscribed to but wasn’t really using. I ended up getting rid of Disney+ (though, it will be back for the second season of The Mandalorian), and Hulu because I was barely using them. I also got rid of Spotify after also using them for years and am now with Apple Music because they have a much wider selection of Japanese pop music which I have gotten back into full force this year. And Apple Music is cheaper for me too since I’m still able to use a student discount. I did get rid of YouTube Premium for awhile, but it’s back now to get rid of political ads. Or maybe I shouldn’t be watching YouTube as much as I do so I wouldn’t have that problem.

For the platforms I did keep (Netflix, Prime and HBO Max only because I get it for free with my phone plan), I deleted my entire queue for each one and have started over completely with them. It has actually helped me find shows and movies to watch that I have ended up completely loving like Extracurricular on Netflix which I can’t recommend enough! Also, it’s not overwhelming anymore to log on to them and feel like I can’t find anything to watch among the thousands of options. 

The only thing I still need to work on is my video game backlog which just continues to grow everyday it seems like… always something to work on!

4 thoughts on “Decluttering Online: a small start.

  1. I feel you so much, and that’s why I quit years ago. I like to keep it up as an archive of what I was listening to at a certain time (a long chunk of time, too) but it caused me to be SO neurotic about tags and labeling and oh my god I was wasting toooo much time on that. I find it an interesting treat (if sign of something larger and scarier and less cool) to see the Spotify report, but it’s kind of whatever.

    When hobbies and entertainment become about competition/achievement, we lose the reason we do art in the first place and I am also trying to get back to that. My reviews help me think about why I like certain things and not others and to also write more and you getting back to doing this stuff also inspires me ❤

    Big props for you deleting the queue, that sounds enticing tbh. I actually have been making my way through Amazon Prime picks because they have a lot of these obscure old horror films I’ve always wanted to get into and that has been fun! I think Netflix picks have been getting better and Hulu is a bit cluttered with garbage tbh…but I love Handmaid’s Tale and Killing Eve so much sighs.

    I thought Apple Music wasn’t worth it because you had to pay for all the music you want to actually listen to but it seems like that’s not the case? It is tempting to try even though I don’t have any Apple devices anymore – and Spotify was a refuge for 8tracks playlists when they were temporarily dead, so lots to consider.

    All this being said, there’s never a bad time to be more intentional with our online lives 🙂

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    • Even the year end reports.. I guess I’m just not all that interested anymore. I guess since I know who and what I listen to and enjoy it, and can’t be bothered with the numbers anymore. Not saying it’s at all bad, I know for many people it’s very exciting and interesting! It used to be exciting for me as well, but I suppose people change. Or maybe it’s just my age showing these days.

      I’m glad your reviews are helping you! That’s awesome 🙂 Yeah, all the competition makes it really difficult to enjoy anything which is why I pretty much withdrew from almost everything and am trying to restart, or begin this new ~chapter~ of inspiration.

      I was super into Hulu for awhile but then I just kind of stopped watching it?? Maybe someday I will sub again, but there’s so much content on the places I have subs to already that I feel like it would make it way more overwhelming again. I also like that Amazon has obscure stuff as well! They have some really good j-horror stuff!

      Apple Music is exactly like Spotify: monthly fee for unlimited listening to anything that’s available in your region. I actually prefer Apple Music for it’s more organized library and playlisting. I have an Android so it makes it even more hilarious for me to use. But I like the app, it’s very sleek and easy to use!

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      • I may give Apple Music a try one month. Another thing with Spotify – and there is a free way around this – is it being connected to my Facebook – which I’ve been planning to ditch again. Sadly it’s become a little more important while we’re all working from home at my work. And not everyone connects the same way, so having options is good. I did manage to basically not spend any longer than 15 minutes on it every few days at the very most. That’s a lot healthier…and my friends list is only people I’ve worked with or known for years/actually talk to. One day….

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      • When I first did Apple Music, it was a 3 month free trial. I’m not sure if they still do that. They must have some sort of free trial still.

        And yeah, about FB. I just don’t have a use for it, period. I know other people do for work though which I think is good. It’s mostly just people who go on there solely for the likes and the……. various things that people participate in on there 🙂


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