My thoughts on the Playstation 5 showcase.

Yesterday, the very much anticipated Sony Playstation 5 showcase happened and they did not play around. Not for a single second. I’m only going to go over my personal favorite highlights from it, though there were a TON of amazing games that were shown or teased that I am very excited about!

For those interested in watching, the showcase can be watched here! The showcase is also available in other languages if you go onto the Playstation YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend watching. It’s been my favorite gaming event so far this year from how well put together it was!

So now, onto my favorite parts!

Resident Evil Village, via Capcom

This franchise has been a favorite since I was very young, playing the first game on the original Playstation way back what feels like a million years ago. I’m a fan of all the games, though admittedly it did start to kind of… fall apart? As in, it was becoming a little too actiony and not enough of the horror elements that made it so special. At least for me. Resident Evil 7 completely turned that around and has gotten the series going back to its roots. I loved RE7. Even with the first person perspective. I thought it made it way more immersive and even though I’ve played it a handful of times, it still scares me to death in some parts! 

Resident Evil Village, via Capcom

Resident Evil VILLAGE looks absolutely terrifying and I could not be happier with how it looks and am very much looking forward to it. I love the weird, fairy tale vibe that it had going during part of the trailer, with who I am assuming is Mia Winters narrating an old tale. I’m also excited to play as Ethan Winters again since I really like him. And I can’t wait to find out what exactly Chris Redfield is up to! Is he the antagonist? Did he live long enough to become the villain? I’m curious to see how his arc goes in this. And I can’t wait to explore the village and see all the new creatures. They look amazing and so creepy! Also may I just add that I love how the story is actually continuing from RE7? Like, we may actually finally get some closure with some characters and not just have them as a one off and then tossed to the void? I hope this trend continues!

I already wrote a post about how excited I am for this which you can find here. However, let me briefly add a few things…

Demon’s Souls Remake, via Sony

The gameplay looks so smooth, and the flow of the combat looks great! I loved seeing the tiny teases of some of the bosses. This looks 100% loyal, true to the original remake which I am very excited for! Also, it’s a launch title. I really played myself when I said I would get a PS5 when DeS Remake came out. Well, here we are…

Also, the realism. This game looks so realistic. I think it’s most likely the player character and how they interact and react to the world. I was noticing it a lot more in this game play trailer. It was just really cool to see how far the series has come! I can’t wait to play this!

God of War: Ragnarok teaser image, via Sony

It was the tiniest crumb of a teaser ever, but it got me hyped. The first entry into the new God of War series was, again, incredible. I know I probably overuse that word, but it’s the truth! The cliffhanger God of War left us with along with the revelation at the end.. I’m hyped. That’s all I can say right now. I cannot wait for more information on this one. It’s going to be a ride, let me tell you. While I wait, it may be a good idea to replay the first one, and then maybe dive deeper into some Norse mythology!

  • Playstation 5 Price & Release Date
Playstation 5 pricing for digital and disc versions, via the Playstation Blog

It comes out November 12th in select countries, and then November 19th for the rest of the world. The digital only version is $399 USD, while the disc tray version is $499 USD. Of course, it’s sold out. I’m not sure how the pre orders were supposed to go. I thought I read that the pre orders were starting today, the 17th, but they popped up last night and sold out very quickly! As to be expected, though. Honestly, the only huge bummer for me is that DeS Remake is a launch title and I probably won’t be getting it at launch and will have to wait, which is also fine! I mentioned it in another post, but I most likely will end up waiting. Maybe for not as long as I initially anticipated because I had no idea that DeS Remake was going to be a launch title. In the meantime, there are plenty of other games to play and explore.

There were a few other things. Of course, the new Spider-Man expansion featuring the amazing Miles Morales. It has recently been revealed it will be coming to PS4, so I will be picking it up there first to play! The Playstation Plus revamp is also intriguing, however, I already own all the games that will be coming to it! Maybe it will be worth it in the future. The one thing I was going to talk about, but then yeah, kind of forgot.. was Final Fantasy XVI! We probably won’t get a ton of new information until next year, but the Awakening trailer was plenty for now. I will most likely give this its own post. There was a lot of stuff to dissect from that trailer! The same can be said for RE8, so stay tuned for some posts like that in the near future!

And with that said, I am very hype for the next generation of Playstation. I may not be able to jump in right away, but it will be well worth the wait! Until then, I’ll continue to get through my backlog!

The remake I’m looking forward to.

The age of the remake continues onto the next generation of console gaming, with Demon’s Souls, one of my favorite games ever, being announced as being remade! Finally!!

One thing you should know about me is that I absolutely love FromSoftware games. The worlds, the lore, the challenge, really anything and everything about the Soulsborne games is something I love experiencing time and time again. Add Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to that list as well. Now that I have a better laptop, I plan to explore their earlier games, such as Kuon which I’ve been wanting to play for literal years. It’s pretty safe to say that FromSoftware has yet to let me down, and they are my current favorite developer. Everything that Hidetaka Miyazaki has done (minus their VR game) since the original Demon’s Souls was released back in 2009 is a game that has a place on my top tier video games of all time list.

Now, when Demon’s Souls remake was announced.. I actually shed a few tears. This is something I, along with a large portion of the fanbase, have wanted for a long time. Especially since the servers went down for the original on the Playstation 3, so no longer can we invade worlds, help each other, or see player messages which is a key aspect of the games, in my opinion at least. 

Demon’s Souls Remake, possibly the first tutorial area, courtesy of Eurogamer

Now, getting back to the remake! It’s very exciting that we finally have confirmation that a remake exists, it’s actively being worked on, and honestly? When it releases will be when I move on to the next generation of console gaming with the Playstation 5

So, what changes would I like? I think the original version is fine as is. There are some parts that are definitely a challenge being an older game. But, I think most everything will be improved with the remake. I’m hoping for more fluid combat, I suppose similar to Dark Souls III. I’d love a total revamp of the Valley of Defilement if any areas were to be completely overhauled and redone. Every Souls game always has that one gross, dark area that you go to where you can’t see anything and you get flipped and turned upside down and walk off into the void of nothing only to be put back right at the beginning of the zone, so yes, maybe some tweaks to this. Although, again, I think that the remake will fix this and other areas and make them a little more visually and aesthetically pleasing to venture through and look at? Or maybe not…

Demon’s Souls Remake, fighting the Tower Knight, courtesy of Eurogamer

I’m also hoping for absolutely epic boss fights with the bosses that already exist from the original. The boss fights in Demon’s Souls were cool, but I feel that they can really be something special with the remake! It would be interesting to see if anything gets added or changed with the gimmicks some of the bosses have, but it would be nice if everything were to stay the same (for the most part). 

There’s still no release date, but until then, I’m catching up on all my Dark Souls lore by reading through some books and planning an ultimate replay of all the games!